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Where is the crime in posing with Georgia?

YOU'D have thought that most Fianna Fail TDs would be too ashamed to open their mouths these days.

But this seems to have escaped Dara Calleary, its spokesman on Justice, who had nothing better to do this week than criticise two gardai in Co Mayo, simply because they asked Georgia Salpa to pose for a picture with them.

Calleary blasted the young gardai for acting "inappropriately", and declared that "this is certainly not the way that garda resources should be used".

Which is astonishingly rich coming from a member of the last Fianna Fail government, who played his part in the ruin of the country's finances, which has led to austerity measures.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Garda Siochana, whose staff get by on low pay, short staffing and poor morale.

I applaud the gardai who can still raise a smile and take a well-earned break from the endless procession of twats they have to deal with, giving them abuse every day.

Twats like Dara Calleary TD, for example.