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What's it like to be in 1D? Fans are about to find out


One Direction

FANS of One Direction are getting their first glimpse of what life is really like behind the scenes for the global superstars.

And judging by a new movie, it looks pretty good.

Travelling the world and playing sell-out concerts is all part of the day job for the boy band, and the new film allows their fans to experience it first-hand.

A trailer from a new fly-on-the-wall documentary shows the superstars having fun with each other, whether it's arriving in a new country, or just doing regular activities, including camping and fishing.

The movie directed by film-maker Morgan Spurlock is giving an access all areas look on the superstar five-piece as they travel the world making teenage girls faint in excitement.

It's about "five normal lads having the time of their lives".

The eagerly-awaited movie, This Is Us, featuring Mulligar lad Niall Horan (19) and the rest of the group isn't due out until later on this summer.



The newly released trailer focuses on the band's time in Japan as well as showing their sell-out performances.

One clip shows the boys debating how miso soup should be eaten, as Niall shrugs his shoulders.

And he is seen doing his trademark energetic jumps while performing on stage.

Meanwhile, heartbreaker Harry Styles (19) delights the ladies by visiting the bakery where he used to work.

And avid fans of Zayn Malik (20) will no doubt be delighted that he can be seen with his top off in the movie.

The cameras even follow Liam Payne (19) while he is trying to get dressed in the fly-on-the wall documentary, which has many light-hearted moments.

The five-piece group, which includes Louis Tomlinson, have amassed a fortune thanks to their global success. They were formed in 2010 on The X Factor.

The movie will open in Ireland towards the end of August.