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What a man... Bressie’s chuffed at latest award

TV HUNK Niall Breslin insists he isn't getting a big head, despite the droves of female fans and his accolade at the VVIP awards.

The Voice mentor says the best thing about winning the tongue-in-cheek title of Ride Of The Year at Andrew's Lane Theatre was that it gave him a "good night out".

"All I could say when I got the award was, 'How do you accept an award like this without sounding like a twat?' So I just took it and said, 'I'd like to thank the Irish people for copyrighting the word 'ride'," he told the Diary.

"My mate in London asks 'what's a ride?' and then you explain it to them and they still don't get it.

"It was a bit of craic, a night out and I needed a good night out. I don't take myself very seriously to be honest with you so it's nice to go to something that stinks of irony."

Bressie flew back from London especially to attend the bash, guests included Rosanna Davison, Pippa O'Connor, Rozanna Purcell, Holly Carpenter and Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain.

But he was a noticeable absentee at the event that spawned the satirical VVIPs, namely the celebrity-filled Peter Mark VIP Awards, which saw him nominated for the Best Newcomer award.

"It was one of my best friend's birthdays and I would have liked to go but I had a gig and I also planned the entire party. I would rather see people being not overly happy with me than see my best friend pissed off with me, and it was his birthday."

Despite his legions of adoring fans, the former Blizzards frontman is obviously a mummy's boy at heart after lending his celebrity appeal to a good cause next month.

He'll be hosting a charity lunch at Brasserie 15 in Castleknock on May 3 with all proceeds going towards the Lakelands Area Retreat & Cancer Centre (LARCC).

The foundation was set up by his mum Mandy and the singer was prompted into getting involved after they ran into financial difficulty last year.

"It's a holistic cancer treatment centre and my mum's the director of it. It was in trouble at Christmas and we went busking and we made enough money to help keep it going. Now I've got my teeth into this, I've become the ambassador for it. It's the only centre of its kind in the country."