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Westwife Georgina reveals her battle with the treadmill on blog

NICKY Byrne's other half Georgina has followed in the footsteps of fellow Westwife Jodi Albert by setting up her own blog.

And the professional fitness trainer has revealed in her new website how despite appearances, she's not a natural gym bunny -- and had to push herself to become a runner.

The mum of twins Rocco and Jay (5) explained: "The first few times I began running on a treadmill, I'd cave in after just five minutes, it was a disaster.

"Every minute felt like an hour. Even though I have always frequented the gym, running was the enemy."

Speaking about her eureka moment, she added how one day "it all clicked" and her body was not giving up. She recently clocked in an impressive time of 57 minutes for a 10km run -- and said that beating the hour "made my day".

The bubbly brunette also revealed on 'fitnesswannabechoclover' how her new favourite tipple is Rooibos tea and said she only wished she knew of its miracle properties when her twins were born, as one of them had colic.

"Now this would have been music to my ears! To ease the pain of one of our colicy boys which lasted nine months -- if only I'd known the cure," she continued.

She said the herbal tea also contains anti-oxidants which are said to help fight against cancer.

Georgina is now counting down the days until her hubbie takes to the stage with his bandmates for one last hurrah at Croke Park.

Taking place on June 22 and 23, extra tickets were recently released for their final gig, which is expected to sell out shortly.