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Wes still barred at Krystle, despite the return of Rosanna

ROSANNA Davison may have buried the hatchet with Krystle, but her millionaire boyfriend Wesley Quirke won't be hitting the tiles in the exclusive nightclub any time soon.

The Diary can reveal that after four months, the Foxrock native is still barred from the VIP nightclub.

The 24-year-old has not been seen in the Harcourt Street hotspot following a well publicised incident last March.

Rumours had been circulating recently that Wes is now back in the club's good books and can come back in whenever he likes.

But a source close to the couple told the Diary: "As far as Wes is aware he is still barred. But even if he isn't, he has no plans to go back there.

"Things might change down the line but I wouldn't expect to see him in there over the summer."

The couple, who have been dubbed Wesanna, had been regulars at the celebrity haunt since it opened three years ago.

But Quirke was told he was not welcome after being involved in an altercation in the VIP area shortly before Easter. Days later, he was turned away from the club due to his "inappropriate behaviour" during his previous visit.

A source at the time claimed that the party boy saw red after a boozed-up reveller made an inflammatory remark to him about Rosanna's impromptu trip abroad with developer Johnny Ronan.


The incident, which led to a punch being thrown, happened on the same weekend as the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards on March 12, at the height of the 'GlenRo' Johnny Ronan drama.

"Wes was enjoying himself on a night out with his brother Andy and a few of their close mates, Rosanna wasn't even there," said an onlooker.

"But once the awards ended, the place was flooded with journalists and, of course, everyone was coming up and asking Wes for a comment about the whole Rosanna and Johnny thing.

"Then this guy came up to him and made a nasty comment about the whole saga and Wes just saw red. Things got physical and he left the club immediately -- he hasn't been back in since."

His loyal girlfriend Rosanna (26) initially avoided the club, but has been spotted at Krystle several times over the past number of weeks.

The gorgeous model claimed that her noticeable absence in Krystle was due to the fact that she was so busy working.

Wes has remained tight-lipped since the incident and deliberately stepped away from the media spotlight.

Krystle manager Brian O'Malley declined to comment on the status of Wes's barring order from the club.