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Wes and I will tie the knot...one day reveals Rosanna


FORMER Miss World Rosanna Davison is ready to "knuckle down" and talk about marriage with her boyfriend Wes Quirke.

But as the couple celebrated their five-year anniversary today, the Herald columnist said it will be "a few more years to go" before a big white wedding.

Rosanna will enjoy an intimate meal with her model boyfriend tonight before spending the weekend at a friend's wedding. "We have talked about it but he's just turned 28 and I'm 27 so we both agree we still have a few more years to go. But we will knuckle down and really think about it. We just got a dog together and we live together so we have a good commitment at the moment," she said.

Rosanna revealed that although they will be kept busy watching a pal walk down the aisle on Saturday they will make time today to celebrate being together for five years.

"We actually have a wedding to go to this weekend. We're going to Suzanne McCabe's wedding on Saturday. But Wes isn't working today and I have the day off so we are celebrating our anniversary today. We're going to do something nice for the afternoon and then go for dinner tonight," she said.

The duo have one of the longest lasting showbiz relationships on the Dublin circuit but Rosanna says there is no great secret to their longevity.

"What works for us is that we have our own freedoms which makes us want to spend time together whenever we can," she explained.


The Dublin beauty added that she tries her best to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. "It's not his job to be in the public eye and he doesn't particularly enjoy it, he's just in it by association. I try my best to keep him away from the limelight," she said.

The pageant queen says negotiations with Playboy are going great and says she will have a lot of control over the final pictures.

"I'll be able to get final say on the pictures. It will be shot in the next month or two so definitely this side of Christmas. The issue will be out next spring," she explained.