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We're so busy I hardly ever see my Amy, reveals Brian

Brian O'Driscoll has revealed how he sees little of his actress wife Amy Huberman thanks to their hectic schedules.

The rugby hero also tells how he has no intention of retiring from rugby any time soon -- thanks to the "great" time he's having with Leinster.

In an interview with this month's Hot Press, the Ireland captain revealed he'd had little time to relax with Amy, whom he wed last August.

"Somebody worked out that we're going to be away from home for at least a third of the year, but that's what you sign up for.


"It's the nature of my job and it's the nature of Amy's, too. She was in two or three films there before Christmas, so she was probably away from home as much as me last year. It'd be different maybe if you were trying to raise kids, but at the moment we've no problem with bumping into each other every couple of weeks on the stairs," he said.

On the issue of retiring from the game, O'Driscoll (31) admitted he had thought about stepping down after the World Cup, but has since reconsidered. "I'm having such a great time with Leinster that that's definitely been put on hold."

And there's other practical reasons why he's not so keen to hang up the rugby boots.

"I'm afraid that when I stop playing the inner fat person in me will be revealed," he said.

The Ireland captain has every confidence he can lead his team to Six Nations glory once again. When quizzed about whether this was possible, he replied: "Of course we can."

Meanwhile, he finds married life suits him well -- and has opened his eyes to new experiences, namely a Lady Gaga concert.

Brian admits he went to her last Dublin concert reluctantly, but emerged as a fan.

"I also got dragged to see Lady Gaga who I didn't think I'd be into, but she was great. The show, the voice, the way she engaged the crowd -- brilliant."

According to Brian, the usual music of choice in the rugby camp is Christy Moore.

"Someone who's really big after games is Christy Moore, especially if our bag men, Johnny O'Hagan or Paddy O'Reilly, who are of the older generation, get their hands on the iPod. Even I who doesn't have a note in his head can sing along to Christy -- and have done on numerous occasions when there haven't been any media there to hear the din."

He also states his belief that the IRFU has made mistakes on ticket pricing for recent international matches at the Aviva Stadium, and he says they know it.


"For the 11 years I've been playing for Ireland, it's been a given that our home games have been full or close to full regardless of the opposition," he tells Hot Press.

"This was the first time we didn't have that and it was a great shame because the bigger the crowd, the bigger the buzz you get off them. I'm certainly not going to blame supporters for not fronting up money that they didn't have. Their loyalty's never been in question before and it certainly isn't now."

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