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Were Lisa and Gerald struck by curse of Dublin Housewives?

PERHAPS the most remarkable thing about the split of Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy is the low-key manner in which it occurred.

With Ronan and Yvonne's story being played out like a mini soap opera over the past couple of years, and only last week Twink describing the shocking circumstances which led to the break-up of her marriage, you felt sure that Ireland's most high-profile couple would go out with a bang.

This was the couple who, after all, celebrated Gerald's 50th with a Louis XVI-themed party in the Ritz Carlton hotel, who marked Lisa's 40th birthday with a party for 200 people in Drayton Manor, Gerald's magnificent Co Wicklow home, and who got engaged on the spur of the moment in Residence Private Members' Club at Christmas three years ago, with the news making the front page of the following day's newspapers.

Everything they did was in the public eye, their very lives seeming like the last hurrah of Celtic Tiger Ireland, as the couple drove their own inimitable path through the recession, resplendent in their finery and, for a couple of a certain age, apparently sickeningly in love.

I would be lying if I said that I always embraced the Gerald and Lisa double act, but over time as I got to know the couple, my opinion of them changed as it was revealed that underneath it all were two nice, decent people who loved their own lives, loved each other's company, and were unafraid to show it.

But in the end there was no drama, not even an official statement.

Instead, friends of the couple leaked the story that they had split some weeks ago, with Lisa having moved out of their house and in with her Dublin Housewives co-star, Jo Jordan. A circumstance which raises another issue worth considering.


In the lead up to the first series of Dublin Housewives, Jo Jordan's marriage ran into difficulties, and she has since split from her husband.

With the second series being filmed at the moment, it's now been revealed that Lisa has split from her long-term fiance, leaving the producers with both a downside -- they had hoped to film the wedding as part of the show -- and an upside, well, the break-up will no doubt be of interest to the viewers.

Is it just me, or should two of the other stars of the show -- Roz Flanagan, who is married, and Virginia Macari, who is engaged -- both be a tad apprehensive about committing themselves to a third series?