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We're going to be Oprah stars next, say Jedward after chatting with Ross

X FACTOR twins Jedward have revealed how they have their sights set on appearing on Oprah.

Wacky 18-year-olds John and Edward Grimes, who are embarking on another tour next month, have stated how they would love to share a couch with the legendary chatshow queen.

Asked about their stint on Jonathan Ross's BBC show, they said he was on their wavelength.


"He's a really nice guy and he really got us. He's always supporting us and we're going to be on his radio show as well," said John. "We want to be on Oprah as well before that closes down, that would be cool."

The pair had a major setback on their path to stardom recently after Edward tore two ligaments in his leg while performing at T4's On the Beach in the UK last weekend, putting their tour in jeopardy.

Edward explained how his identical twin didn't even realise how serious his injury was at the time. It now requires extensive surgery.

Edward said his knee packed in when he jumped off a set of stairs on to the stage near the start of their energetic set. "We were on the beach and it was just crazy, you could see the ocean and the waves and I hurt myself about 20 seconds into the song. I tore one ligament and then tore another one -- and then John pushed me," he said.

"I found out how serious it was when we came off stage and I was like 'Oh my God'. But I'm going to bling my crutches, I'm going to have loads of Swarovski crystals all over them." The pair will be spending the next few weeks in Ireland filming for ITV2 documentary Jedward: Home Alone which will see them moving out of their mum's home in Lucan and getting their own pad.

And the lads, who release their cover of Blink-182's All the Small Things at a signing in Dundrum tomorrow, admitted to Ray D'Arcy that their over-enthusiastic fans were desperate to find out where their new home will be in Dublin. "No one's supposed to know the location of it and they're all trying to find out," John said.

"We never get to sleep anymore and we don't see our family much -- we see our fans more than them. But you've got to make sacrifices."