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We're excited about the idea of starting a family, says actress Sonya


Actress Sonya Macari and husband Colin Devlin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Actress Sonya Macari and husband Colin Devlin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

Actress Sonya Macari and husband Colin Devlin. Photo: Doug O'Connor

THEY'VE been married nearly 18 months and now actress Sonya Macari and hubby Colin Devlin are ready to start a family.

Sonya and musician Colin got married in October 2012, walking down the aisle in front of family and friends in Rathgar, before hosting a lavish reception in the K Club.

The half-Italian beauty, who has been based in Hollywood for the past five years, told the Diary that she and her other half are feeling broody and that babies are not too far into the future.

"We definitely want a family soon, it's something we're both excited about," Sonya confirmed.

The 33-year-old is enjoying the last few days of a six week visit to Dublin, where she has been catching up with sister Virginia (inset above) and pals.

The starlet has been working on a film in Utah called Kiss the Devil in the Dark and is relishing the opportunity to get involved in a very different kind of silver screen project.

"It's a dark fantasy set in the 1800s," she said.

"I play the wife of the male lead and he tries to being me back from the dead, so I get dragged through hell. The costumes are fantastic and there's a lot of blood and prosthetics, so I definitely don't have to worry about looking good – it's a lot of fun.

"It's going to be hitting the festival circuit next year, possibly Cannes and Sundance."

Sonya, who appeared in the Oscar-winning The Artist, has been keeping busy in between projects, by writing a 'How To' guide to acting for young hopefuls.

"I'm a very patient person, I knew when I moved to LA that I'd have to wait and learn, but also know that you're not going to get every job that comes along.

"I'm lucky though that I've always got something happening, so even if I'm not working I'm going to classes, auditioning or being productive in some other way.

"I've just finished a book called The Actor's Passport and it's basically geared to aspiring actors starting off, for everything they need to know about the industry.

"I've been through it all, started at the bottom and worked hard; so it was my intention to show what needs to be done."