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We're back together after trip to Oz saved our marriage - Ronan

And in a further indication that things are getting back on track for the couple, one of Ronan's fellow X Factor judges has revealed that Yvonne goes to work with him everyday.

Kyle Sandilands, who is a controversial radio DJ in Australia, said: "Ronan has had his wife Yvonne and kids on set every day and that has been wonderful.

"Except for the kids, I probably could do without them," he laughed.

He went on to describe Ronan as a "genuine guy and great father". "He handles them well," he said.

The comments follow weeks of speculation that the couple were "talking things through" and trying to get their marriage back on track.

Friends had always believed they had one of the strongest marriages in showbusiness but it was rocked by the revelations that the affair had gone on for seven months.

An official statement was issued on May 20 stating that the couple had separated after 12 years of marriage, but added that their main concern was for Jack (11), Marie (9) and Ali (4).

However, weeks later it was confirmed that Yvonne and the children would accompany Ronan to Australia for the duration of his stint on the X Factor.

Since then they have been photographed as a family at a carnival and at the zoo.

In the same interview with an Australian newspaper, Keating also described how he sustained a back injury while training.

"I've been working out in the gym and done some serious damage. I don't know how I've done it, I've never had a back injury in my life before," he said.

"I consider myself pretty fit. I've climbed mountains and all sorts of things, but this has got me. It makes me feel mortal and doesn't feel nice."


He said the injury had led him to see a back specialist in Australia.

It's the second time in recent weeks that Ronan has broken his silence to speak about his marriage difficulties.

Performing at a concert in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, last month, the singer thanked his fans for the many messages he has received.

"It has been a really scary time. Thanks so much for all the support from you over the past few weeks. You are the ones who kept me going," he said.