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We'll have fun and we'll have the craic but when we hit the field we mean business

I've been so busy with work lately. It's either a feast or a famine with television but it's a good complaint to have.

I started off last weekend in Dublin as I stayed up to do a rehearsal with the Royal Academy of Music because we're doing a concert tomorrow night.

I'm co-presenting the show with their leader James Kavanagh, as we do once a year.

Basically the children are introduced to instruments for the first time so it's good fun.

Afterwards we did a photocall, which I really enjoyed because I'm an awful girlie girl, I love getting glammed up -- sure we all do.

Then I jumped on the train and went home to Limerick for a dress fitting for the TV Now Awards.

I had to steal my boyfriend's car to get there and unfortunately I missed half the Grand Slam match.

I do drive myself but I like to get the train home so that I can get some sleep for a couple of hours. Life is so busy at the moment that I have to take any rest I can get, whether it's on a bus, a train or a taxi.

That night I went out for dinner with my boyfriend, Liam, who lives in Limerick.


It was my birthday on Monday so we decided to celebrate it early as I wouldn't see him on the actual day.

I see myself moving back towards Limerick some day as I am a home bird but you have to go where the work is and right now that's in Dublin.

Sunday I was up in St Patrick's field in Limerick, where first of all I had some filming to do for Celebrity Bainisteoir and then I gave the lads a training session.

There's not a bother on me giving out to them, I'm frightening myself with how bad I can be but generally they're extremely well behaved.

We'll have fun and we'll have the craic but when we hit the field it's business.

After that I went to Liam's house where they all surprised me with a cake for my 27th birthday.

Last year I was dreading turning 26 because I thought I was the wrong side of my 20s but this year I was cool about it. It must be a maturity thing!

Of course, the big thing that evening was the first episode of Celebrity Bainisteoir.

All my family and friends were there to see it as I sat and watched it from behind a cushion.

On Monday it was back to Dublin. I was up at 6am, which is exhausting, but what can you do?

It was 10 when I got to work by the time I get in and across town and then I was doing all the script writing and that kind of stuff because we were in the studio the following day.

That evening my friend Pat asked me to cover his classes, in dancing and drama, so I didn't get home until 10 o'clock, when I collapsed into bed.

It wasn't much of a birthday but luckily I had already celebrated at the weekend.


All of the gang from Six got in touch to wish me well. We try and keep in touch as much as possible, although it's tough with our schedules.

I don't ever see Nadine, we haven't kept in touch because we never really got to know each other.

She was just someone I knew briefly for a day and a half but of course I don't wish her any harm, she's done really well for herself.

It was another early start on Tuesday so I grabbed my usual breakfast on route as I always do before going into make-up and getting on air.

I get on great with Socky on Den Tots, I'm just used to acting silly now.

You just have to let yourself go and not be afraid to let that childish side of you out.

I was dressed in my pyjamas and slippers that day for the show when in arrived the whole production team with a birthday cake in the shape of a football.

I wanted to do teaching before I got taken into the world of entertainment so it's a great job for me because there are a lot of similarities.

That evening I did my singing class with my kids. We have a show in a couple of weeks so we have to get the practise in.

It's hectic but it's worth it for the experience. You always have to safeguard yourself because the TV world can be very fickle.

Unfortunately there were no cakes on Wednesday but I did get a bit of a lie-in, which was nice.

I had a fun afternoon as I had to sort a superhero costume for yesterday's show so that was interesting.

On Thursday I was up again early and into the gym and after that made the journey to work. I was dead late because the traffic was brutal.

Then I had a meeting at 4 o'clock for another project I'm working on.

After, I went home, had a bit of a rest and it was off out on the town to celebrate the end of the Café season with Aidan Power and all the gang.

It's actually his birthday this week as well so the two of us were celebrating.

I had to be a bit of a Cinderella though and get home because I was up at 6am this morning.

I'm meeting a friend for some dinner tonight and then we'll have the concert tomorrow morning before I get back to Limerick to go and train the lads.

I'm definitely relaxing on Saturday night with a video or a trip to the cinema.