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We'll be seeing ya.... BScene agency cuts ties with top models

DUBLIN catwalk queens have been left in shock after the BScene agency revealed that they were no longer representing fashion models.

In a surprising move, BScene announced that they would now be solely focusing on representing artists and producing events, and have therefore let all of their models go.

Speaking to the Herald, model Rebecca Maher revealed that all the girls were upset to hear that they would no longer be part of the agency.

"We were all shocked to hear the news. On Monday the managers at BScene rang all the models one by one and told them that they were no longer using fashion models. I am very sad and shocked. I've been modelling with them since I was 17, we were honestly like one big family," she explained.


The agency is best known for running the Miss Ireland competition. BScene also run their own dance contest and manage the winner for 12 months.

But Miss Dublin North Rebecca -- who was subject to a violent attack in Limerick just before the Miss Ireland competition -- was quickly snapped up by another agency.

"I moved to Compton on the same day. I've already had my first casting with them so I've been getting the ball rolling," she admitted.

"For the girls that were in BScene a good while it won't be as hard for them, but it might be harder for the younger, newer models. You just don't know what could happen," she said.

Another model lucky enough to land a new deal with Compton models is Ally Garvey. The Dubliner has been with BScene for almost seven years and admitted she is lucky to have got another contract.

"There is a couple of us going over to Compton, I think because me and Rebecca have been working for so long," she explained.

BScene manager Sean Montague confirmed to the Herald that the agency will now only be dealing with castings, managing clients and production. He added that the change had been coming for a while.

"We didn't take this decision lightly, we haven't hired any fashion models since April, we just wanted to go in a new direction. We have always been upfront with the girls, all of our models have been fantastic," he explained.

Sean says the agency will now work closely with casting directors as well as focusing their attention on the management side of the company.

"We manager each Miss Ireland winner and we do need more time to focus on them, and we are bringing in new clients for management as we speak. We will be representing actors, presenters and anyone wanting to do commercials," he said.