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Weather wonder Nuala ready to take to catwalk

Weather wonder woman Nuala Carey will be strutting her stuff on the catwalk tonight.

Nuala (below) is taking part in the annual Oireachtas Charity Fashion Show and hopes she doesn't 'pull a Naomi' and end up flat on her face.

"Hopefully I don't do a Naomi Campbell and fall over – can you imagine? Fingers crossed that won't happen."

The 36-year-old says if she did take a trip she'd simply get up, dust herself down and keep voguing.

"I think I would just pick myself up and keep walking if that happened.

"That's what TV training teaches you – the show must go on."

"But I am nervous. I did a few fashion shows when I was in UCD – they had an annual fashion show and I was picked to model in that. But that was a good while ago."

Nuala will be wearing a powder pink dress by award- winning Irish designer Sean Byrne.

"It's a vintage pink, above the knee cocktail dress," Sean explained.

"It's very Givenchy style – (think) Jackie O. The woman really makes the dress."

Nuala won't be the only familiar face working it and throwing shapes. Rugby pundit Brent Pope, Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan and self-proclaimed fashionista and Kerry footballer Paul Galvin will all make an appearance in the show.

"It's going to be a great night," Nuala said.