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We had the perfect honeymoon and I'm loving married life - BOD

LEINSTER and Ireland hero Brian O'Driscoll had such a "fabulous" honeymoon that it even reignited his passion for rugby.

BOD married actress Amy Huberman (31) in Leitrim in July before heading off on a five-star safari holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

He told the Herald that their romantic getaway was the perfect tonic after their high-profile, star-studded wedding.

"We had a wonderful time. It was lovely to just be able to switch off and get away from everything. We had the madness of the weekend and then we had a great two and a half weeks away in Africa.

"The holiday of a lifetime you're meant to have on your honeymoon. We had that," he said.

"On holidays this year I missed exercise after two and a half weeks and it's a great reminder that you're still hungry for it (rugby) and still looking forward to it, so long may that last, for another couple of seasons anyway," he added.

The Clontarf native said he is really enjoying married life. "It's great. Absolutely loving it, loving it," he said.

The rugby hero admitted he was surprised at the level of interest in the wedding, but said it also helped ease his nerves.

"I probably properly relaxed when I got back to the hotel and it got to dinner time, we got all the photos out of the way and then we were just with our own crew and our own family, and that was probably when we were at our most comfortable.

"But having said that, we were completely taken aback by the welcome we got down in Leitrim by the people there. They were just absolutely incredible."

Brian stepped out to help launch the new Think Big campaign, a social action programme from Headstrong and O2 to promote positive mental health among young people yesterday.

"I've always thought an investment in young people is a wise situation because they're going to be us one day, the grown-ups running the country."

The 31-year-old admitted he has been thinking about his looming retirement.

"I've been thinking that for the last couple of years. You don't take anything for granted or I certainly don't any more and you just enjoy it year on year. The older you get the harder it does get. I can feel it now and I have to work harder on my fitness. As soon as the head goes, I think... and that will probably go before the body.

But he assured fans for the moment: "I still have hunger for it."