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We don't have enough famous folk for celebrity Apprentice here -- Cullen

APPRENTICE boss Bill Cullen says a celebrity version of the hit TV show is unlikely to make it onto the small screen here in Ireland, as we don't have enough big names.

The businessman believes that only "wacky" media personalities, who are below the fame radar, would be willing to sign up to put their business acumen to the test.

Bill insists that many of our best known stars such as Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy would never agree to take part in such a show, as they wouldn't be willing to have their egos bruised by being told 'You're Fired' in front of the cameras.

"Of course I'd like to do it, it would be a bit of fun but you can't get anyone to do the celebrity one," Bill told the Herald.

"It's not like in America, you're not going to get them guys here. Eleven of these celebrities are going to be fired and are they going to have Bill Cullen telling them that?

"No. Let's take Ryan Tubridy as an example. Now Ryan doesn't want to have a video clip of Bill Cullen firing him on his CV. And it's the same no matter who you pick.

"You'd have to get celebrities who are a bit wacky. There probably isn't enough of them in Ireland to make it work. And would they make good TV? Maybe, maybe not."


Bill is hopeful, however, that he may have an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of British Apprentice boss Alan Sugar, who last year fronted Apprentice Junior for the BBC.

Bill was speaking yesterday at the official launch of the fourth series.

The format will remain the same, with the winner set to receive€100,000 cash, plus a start-up package worth an extra €100,000.