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We are really going to miss Sean, admits Karen

TV3's Karen Koster has revealed she is dreading returning to a four-person team next month when her Xpose colleague Sean Munsanje's contract comes to an end.

The blonde beauty -- who has been the main anchor on the popular entertainment show since Lorraine Keane quit last year -- insists she and her three remaining colleagues, Glenda Gilson, Lisa Cannon and Aisling O'Loughlin have no idea what's in store for the show next autumn.

Karen (30) admits she and the other girls have formed a close bond with Sean since he joined the team and says he will be greatly missed.

"I'm really not looking forward to the increased workload when Sean finishes," she told the Diary. "We genuinely haven't been told anything about the plan for September but as far as I know it will be back to just the four of us.

"We were under quite a lot of pressure even before he joined the team because we used to have six so it's going to be tough. Sean is a pleasure to work with, he was a really great addition to the team."

Karen was at the premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie Inception, which took place at the Savoy.