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Water-ski challenge was hell - Christine

Exhausted TV host Christine Bleakley has described her water-ski challenge across the English Channel as "utter torture".

The One Show presenter, who comes from Northern Ireland, finished her feat in one hour and 40 minutes and was in tears after she pulled on to dry land in France.

But the arm-aching journey was not without a hitch as Christine, who is scared of water, fell in eight times and encountered swell and waves of up to 8ft.


Bleakley said: "Halfway through, I thought 'I can't do this' because everything was starting to give. I had searing pain in my lower back, my legs were starting to wobble, and my hands -- I just couldn't hold on any longer."

"But I managed to get the strength from somewhere."

Bleakley said even her co-star Adrian Chiles, who had been providing support from the boat accompanying her, had been in tears at the completion of the Sport Relief charity challenge.