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Water-boy BOD can't keep away from team, jokes Amy

BRIAN O'Driscoll may be the rugby hero who led Ireland to the quarter-finals of the World Cup -- but wife Amy Huberman revealed the injured player had no problem assisting his Leinster team-mates from the sidelines during their draw against Montpellier on Saturday.

"He was the water-boy at the match, so he was busy doing his duties," she laughed. "He still wants to be involved in the team and the whole spirit of it and wanted to help hydrate them. Brian just loves being with the team."

She added how the couple were like "two ships in the night" this weekend as he was flying back from France as she headed to the Four Seasons hotel for an awards bash.


And she was over the moon after picking up the Irish Tatler Women of the Year Drama Awards -- with her uber-glam mum Sandra accompanying her for the black-tie night.

Amy said she was "so proud" to have won the drama award for starring in hit movies like Rewind. And she also revealed how she's just started work on her second book, a follow-up to the bestseller, Hello Heartbreak.

"I'm going to start back on it now. I have written a good bit of it but I haven't touched it in seven months. I can't even remember what it's about so I need to do my homework.

"But if I have a clear run before Christmas, I'm going to get my head down. I've rented an office to write it, which is a first for me.

"I had been talking about doing it for ages and I said, 'I'll just do it.' It's nice to have an office because then you can just relax when you get home because that was the problem. I felt like I should be working all day and then getting nothing done, so it's all good."

She also revealed how her Comedy Central series Threesome could be coming back for a second series after going down a storm with audiences. "I think they're all really delighted. We have two episodes left to air but they couldn't have been any happier with the feedback."