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Watch out, Niall, best pals' band is on track to topple 1D in US

BROTHERS Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor are on track to be the next big band out of Ireland.

They're best mates with Niall Horan and have just been signed to the same label as Cheryl Cole -- but these Dublin brothers have even bigger plans for their future.

"We'd love to have the same impact in America as One Direction are having," the brothers told the Herald.

"We think it's fantastic the success they're having. What-ever people say about them -- they are some of the hardest working guys in the industry," guitarist Harry said.

Harry (20) and Alfie (18) formed their band Hudson Taylor a year ago, "but we had been playing music for years" Harry revealed.


Although they are brothers, the pair look strikingly different. "I know," Alfie laughs. "There's a rumour going round that I'm the milkman's son."

The two now live in London, playing gigs and writing tracks, but Harry remembers catching the train to school in Mullingar with 1D's most popular band member Niall.

"I used to get the Sligo train from Dublin and he'd be coming back to Mullingar and we'd be sitting together and chatting.

"And this was just after he'd gone on to the X Factor and I remember he said to me - 'I'll tell you this Harry, I got on to the live finals' and then I never saw him again because he just took off."

Hudson Taylor will play the Academy in Dublin on December 21.