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Watch out BOD, Amy has new (pri)mates

ACTRESS Amy Huberman is getting to grips with her hairy co-star in LA this week.

The former Clinic star has taken up the lead role on Animal Kingdom, a new sitcom from NBC, the TV people behind Friends.

While the Herald revealed that Leinster and Ireland rugby player Brian O'Driscoll was tackling a pile of laundry in his wife's absence, Amy was grappling with a bunch of animals on set.

"Just, you know, hanging with my (pri)mate between scenes," Amy said online.

But the cheeky monkey wasn't content with smiling prettily for the camera, and stuck out his tongue in another photo.

"Hang on a second. Real mates, pri or not, are not supposed to do that behind your back," she added.

Despite being thousands of miles away from home, the actress and author was treated to some home comforts by acting pal Victoria Smurfit.

Amy (33) said that her mum was keeping tabs on how she was doing overseas and was delighted to hear that she had a home-cooked meal.

"Mum Hubes was so happy to hear I had roast chicken and mashed spuds," she said to Victoria on Twitter.

The busy actress is in the US after preparing for a second series of UK comedy series Threesome.

Her major stateside debut on NBC comes after appearing in Irish-themed chick flick Chasing Leprechauns which went down a storm with American audiences.

Amy's role in Animal Kingdom is opposite Weeds star Justin Kirk (42) and although it is a pilot episode, critics have pencilled it in as a huge ratings draw.