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Watch out Bill, the Breffmeister has his eyes on your empire

Apprentice loser Breffny Morgan has plans to one day overtake his mentor Bill Cullen.

Breffny, who admits he is "consumed" by the pursuit of money, has now moved to Dublin to follow up on PR opportunities which have emerged after the airing of the hit TV3 show.

The 'Breffmeister' revealed that his secret desire, if he had unlimited cash for one week, was to buy property, stocks and attempt a takeover of the Renault business in Ireland.

"I would buy out all of Bill Cullen's businesses and rename them Breff Enterprises," he said.


"Why aim low? If someone says you have unlimited resources, capitalise on it."

Breffny (23) revealed that he will soldier on in business for as long as he can.

"I won't stop till I drop. I am deadly serious," he said.

"Consider the Cuchulainn myth: when mortally wounded, he tied himself to a stake so that he would not die lying down. I like to think I can be the career equivalent of this attitude."

And the former reality TV star said that his financial priority at the moment was to rapidly increase his net worth and "enjoy the sensation of earning and burning my money".

Breffny, originally from Cork, said that he the recession has forced him to be more proactive and relentless about finding work, particularly when he had to look for sponsorship deals for an Atlantic row he undertook at the start of last year.

Up until now, Breffny has only ever worked on a temporary basis, despite being highly academically qualified with a degree in biology from Harvard.

"When I came back from America after Harvard, I had a priceless degree but a penniless bank account," he said.

"What inspired me most in America was the wealthy professionals I interacted with, and it was sobering to realise that I was worlds apart."


"I am working to bring myself to their standards, and that ambition was sparked when I returned to Ireland with not a euro to my name, having never done part-time work, as I was consumed by rowing," he added. "Now I am consumed by money, or at least the pursuit of it."

The man about town has also revealed a penchant for fashion and said that he loves splashing out on clothes.

"The most extravagant item I've bought is probably my Ermengildo Zegna suit: navy pinstripe, two-button single breasted, it's the Ferrari of suits and I love it," he said.