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Walkout protest over saucy Voice dancers

A SHOCKED couple walked out on The Voice Of Ireland in protest at scantily clad dancers.

Hot favourite Pat Byrne was performing live with the girls, who were dressed only in skimpy bustiers and underwear in a bid to "sex up" the show with a Burlesque routine.

"He had only started his song, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, when the pair walked out," said a source.

"It was quite obvious they had taken offence to the sexy outfits the girls were wearing on stage as they were overheard remarking on them before deciding to walk out. It was obviously a bit too much for them."

ShinAwil producer Larry Bass defended the saucy routines: "It's an entertainment show and we are gone beyond being prudish -- it's only a bit of fun," he said.

"You would see more on an average sunny day in Brittas Bay. Some people take these things too seriously."

Meanwhile, two more contestants were given the boot from the hit show last night.

Blonde beauty Claire O'Loughlin was left gutted after being voted out by her mentor Brian Kennedy. She wasn't the only one -- Jessica Pritzel was also sent on her way by mentor Niall Breslin.

There are 14 acts remaining in the contest as they battle it out for the coveted ¤100,000 contract with Universal Music Ireland with fellow mentors Sharon Corr and Kian Egan also battling to win it.

And Bressie has hit back at claims that he has being too nice on the show and needed to come down more heavily on the contestants.

He has revealed how he has "no interest" in slating the aspiring singers and being unnecessarily mean to them. "I'm not going to change the way I coach or comment to cut someone in two. There were some bad performances and I didn't slate them because it's not right," he said.

"Some people are good singers, they just need more time.

"So if you cut them down on live television that's their confidence shattered and their career over.

"Some people may just need to go away and come back in a couple of years when their voice has matured."