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Wahlberg prays for jailed Michael

Mark Wahlberg has offered support to George Michael over his imprisonment.

The Hollywood actor said he would pray for the singer, who was jailed for eight weeks on Tuesday after admitting driving while under the influence of drugs.

Mark, who was locked up after admitting assault, said: "I was 16 when I went to prison but he's been busted a couple of times. He should get a driver or go to Amsterdam where pot is legal. But my heart goes out anyone who goes to prison. I pray for him."

Mark, Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes braved a rain-soaked evening as they attended the premiere of new action comedy The Other Guys in London's Leicester Square.

Eva, wearing a emerald green frock and purple stilettos, plays the unlikely wife of paperwork-loving detective Allen Gamble, played by Will - and the US actress said she understood her alter-ego's attraction to the cop.

She laughed: "I've had some geeks in my days - actually I like a geek."

Eva added she "came running" to star in the film once she had heard who else had signed up.

"The boys called and I came running - basically that's pretty much how it goes," she said.

The film focuses on Gamble and his angry partner Terry Hoitz, played by Mark, and their work as the unsung heroes - or "the other guys" - in the New York police office.

Will claimed he had experience of being "the other guy" before he became a Hollywood star. He joked: "My whole life was being the other guy. In many moments, I was the guy who no one would talk to. I was spurned often."

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