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Vogue's so loaded for racy shoot

CONGRATS to Dublin beauty Vogue Williams on her recent racy cover shoot for Maxim magazine.

But did she really have to pose with a glittering handgun? Hell, yes.

While the idea of a powerful gun in the hand of a sexy woman might seem frightening, there are sound reasons why she should have been fully armed.

The magazine shoot was in Australia for starters, where Vogue has resettled.

That's a country famous for saltwater crocodiles, sharks, giant spiders, snakes and all manner of wildlife hiding in every available ditch, crawlspace or toilet seat, ready to inflict horror on hapless humans.

So while posing with a gun on the cover of an Irish magazine might have seen in bad taste, when Down Under, it seems not only acceptable, but prudent.

The only mystery is why she was so scantily dressed.

I'd have insisted on being kitted out like Ned Kelly (had they been able to coax me off the plane in the first place).