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Vogue's cover

VOGUE Williams may be one of the country's top models, but she doesn't take herself or her "man voice" too seriously.

Vogue (24) posed for a retro photoshoot for this week's The Dubliner magazine, and in a nod to the famous style magazine with which she shares her unusual name -- she became a real cover girl.

Her reality show Fade Street may have not have attracted the audience numbers craved by RTE, but the Assets model's star is soaring to new heights, thanks to her role on the TV series.

Since filming wrapped, she has landed her own show on Phantom FM, saying that her uniquely deep voice got her the coveted job.

"They got on to me about it a while ago," she said. "So I put together half an hour of songs and me talking, and they loved the songs and they liked my talking, so my 'man voice' is good for something."


Vogue will be following in the footsteps of fellow model and Phantom host Michelle O'Doherty, who has won numerous awards for her radio show and has also now turned to TV presenting.

The aspiring actress embraced her funky side for The Dubliner and secured her place as one of the most stylish young women in the country, with her ability to pull off barely-there attire and over-the-top make-up.

She resembled a Sixties bombshell, sporting an overly coiffed, beehive hairdo, heavy eyeshadow and nostalgic fashions, sporting knee-high stockings and heels twinned with a low-cut leotard, and a sequinned silver mini-dress.

Busy Vogue is also carving out a career in the acting world, and just landed a lead role in the play, Blowing Up The Liffey Bridges, which comes to the Grand Canal Theatre in May.

It marks her first major acting role -- and she even gets to show off her singing abilities.

"I had been practising Grenade by Bruno Mars all week before my first audition in front of friends and family, and everyone just kept laughing at me, so when it came to the crunch I just couldn't do it, so I sang Happy Birthday instead.

"It's a comedy though, so I think I'll get away with it. And it's only one song, rather than a whole musical," she said.

Read the full interview with Vogue tomorrow.