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Vogue plans shopping spree for LA honeymoon

THEIR wedding is all set for Florence in September and now the Diary can reveal that Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams are planning a honeymoon in LA.

The Dublin model has admitted that she is going on a shopping spree after her nuptials.

Writing in her blog, the Howth beauty revealed she'll be heading to the showbiz city for the first time.

"I've actually been a little shopping obsessed just in general lately although I'm trying my best to save myself for next month because Brian and I are taking a trip to LA. I've never been but I've heard the shopping is amaze balls," she said.

But she hasn't been missing out on the European fashions too much after explaining how she has been doing a lot of it online, particularly now that Irish brand Awear has started delivering Down Under.

"I've been doing a good bit of online shopping over here lately, I find it really good for high street buys," she continued.

Brian and Vogue, who only met a year ago at a club in Donegal, will walk down the aisle in less than three months' time at an intimate ceremony in the romantic Italian city.

They have indicated that they will be keeping the guest-list to a minimum and none of Vogue's Fade Street pals have been invited yet -- apart from producer John Norton.