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Vogue keeping fingers crossed after making offer on dream house










Model and presenter Vogue Williams is hoping she'll be in her new Dublin home by Christmas.

Vogue is looking for a house in her native Howth in north Dublin to have a base for when herself and hubby Brian McFadden are back home.

"I have an offer in somewhere so I'm literally just waiting," she told the Herald.

"It's so hard though and it takes so long so I'm waiting to hear back.

"If it's mine I should have the keys by Christmas, but I've a deposit down so fingers and toes crossed that I get it.

"I'd love to be in by Christmas because I'll be back here for Christmas as well so it'd be nice," she added.

The RTE2 presenter is keen to have her own place here as she commutes to and from London.


"I'm between the two a lot, I think I've been on six flights in the last five days so I can't wait to go back and just chill," she confessed.

"Sure I sleep on my sister's couch or stay in my mam's place if Brian's here so it'll be nice to have an actual bed over here," she added.

It's been a busy few months for the former Fade Street star and she's jetting off the States with Brian while he films a new show for ITV1.

"I'm heading to Vegas on Sunday," she revealed.

"Brian is doing a new TV show and we're going to Vegas for four days on Sunday and I can't wait," she gushed.

"He's doing a show for ITV, I'm not allowed say what it is but I don't care because I get four days in Vegas.

"I get a holiday, but he has to work for four days while I'm going to go and hunt down Britney Spears …. I've never been to Vegas either so I'm excited," she laughed.

Not content with landing her own TV show, Vogue Does The Afterlife on RTE2, she will also be taking up a weekend spot on top radio station, Spin 1038.

"I'm just about to start a radio show on Spin," she revealed.

"It's called House Party and it's on Saturday nights from 9 to 11pm."

And the top DJ doesn't think the Saturday night slot with interfere with her social life.

"I never really end up going out on a Saturday night anyway. I always end up going out mid-week," she said.

And even though she's been DJing for years, she confesses that she still doesn't have a DJ name.

"I wish I had a DJ name. I was too embarrassed to make one up.

"But my name is so weird that I might as well keep it at that," she laughed.