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Vogue is loving life in London

MODEL-turned-presenter Vogue Williams is enjoying London living but said the nightclub scene is taking some getting used to.

The wife of Brian McFadden first made her name as a DJ spinning the decks in venues across Ireland.

And while she is hoping to break into the UK TV market, Vogue (below) said it is handy to have DJ-ing as a sideline project.

"I haven't done that much, it's about getting to know the best places to go," the slender blonde told the Diary.

"The London night scene is a lot bigger than Ireland's and I haven't been out there much, but I still plan to do a few gigs. Being a DJ will always be a big passion of mine."

Far from living in the middle of London's bustling metropolis, ex-Fade Street star Vogue said she prefers staying in a residential area in east London, where she can walk her dog Winston.

"I like the area, I like the size of the place and it is quite big so that is all we really needed. I do like having my own place so I can do whatever I want to it. Plus, there are loads of places to walk our dog," the actress said.

While herself and hubby Brian are hoping to cash in on more TV work across the water, Vogue is keeping her options open and is signed to London model agency Milk Management.

"I haven't done anything as of yet but I'm just waiting to see what happens, because I think I will get more work when I do TV rather than just going in and modelling," she told the Diary.

"They are just looking after modelling and then I'm meeting up with different people for acting agencies," she added.