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Vogue -- I knew I'd get slagged over Fade Street ... but it could be worse

FADE Street star Vogue Williams has hit back at the show's critics declaring, "it could have been worse".

The top model (24) landed a coveted starring role on the reality show, dubbed the Irish version of The Hills, which follows her and three friends as they carve out a life for themselves in the capital.

But the show has since been universally panned by critics and ratings are flailing at 100,000 viewers.

However, she defended the programme and said she would jump at the chance to do another season if the opportunity arose.

"I always knew it was going to be like that, that we'd be getting the odd slag," she told the Herald.

"Anyone that I've been talking to, they've always being really nice, it's quite funny. I actually had to park on Fade Street the other day because I was DJing in Andrews Lane Theatre and people were just laughing at me, and I was thinking 'I know how bad this looks'.

"I think everybody loves to hate it, but it's not the worst. It could have been a lot worse."

And while her modelling career may be soaring thanks to her profile on the show, and she is regularly photographed scantily clad for bikini photo-calls, she still hates watching herself on screen.


"The good thing is I get to see the episodes before they air. I can't watch them with my friends, I just try to speak over my voice whenever I'm on," she said. "I hate it, it's so embarrassing. I hate the sound of my voice, I hate my mouth, hate my nose. Pictures are so different, you can have a really bad picture, and it's okay, it's just different. It's weird seeing yourself talk. And some of the stuff I say, I'm thinking 'Why did I say it?'"

And while the show may be struggling to recruit viewers, Vogue said it hasn't turned her off reality television.

"It would depend what it was. It can't get more reality than what it was. But if another series of Fade Street came out, I would definitely do it. It was so much fun, all the cast and crew were so nice, it's not like going to work, it's like hanging out with your mates."

Vogue (right) is currently managing three jobs as a waitress, DJ and model, but is trying to carve out a career as an actress.

"I've got a few auditions but nothing really concrete, I need to get myself back into another acting class and then try."