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Vogue has no worries about new role as a Southside snob

SHE'S set to ditch her Northside roots to play a Southside snob in her latest theatre gig -- but Fade Street beauty Vogue Williams insists she's not worried about locals in her homeplace of Howth taking offence.

The Assets model explained how she is confident she will have no problem adapting to the role, given that she is off to Liverpool to immerse herself in the character.

Vogue went on to explain how the musical comedy, called Blow Up The Liffey Bridges, has already caused some controversy, after a number of posters were put up at locations on both sides of the city, poking fun at the capital's northside versus southside divide.

"I'm the Southside actor, even though I'm from the Northside but I highly doubt anyone will be annoyed," she told the Herald.

"People who are serious theatregoers will see the funny side. They've a couple of posters over on the Southside and a couple on the northside that caused a bit of controversy.

"It wasn't looking to cause any trouble but it riled a few people."

Vogue said she was looking forward to immersing herself fully in the role when she takes off for a three- week stint in Liverpool next month before the production is staged at the Grand Canal Theatre in May.

"It's a Liverpool-based production company so that's why I've to go to there for rehearsals.

"It is exciting, I've finally got an acting role," she laughed.

Vogue even has a song to perform for her lead role, which sees her play the part of posh taxi company owner, Molly Carroll.

The comedy was written by Liverpool writer Nicky Allt and it will run for six dates from May 16 until 21.

It is an Irish version of another play written by Allt called Brick Up The Mersey Tunnel.