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Virginia sends out a wedding dress SOS to sister Sonia


 GOWN: Virginia

GOWN: Virginia

GOWN: Virginia

REALITY TV star Virginia Macari is jetting out to sunny Hollywood for a very special shopping trip with her actor sister.

The former Dublin Wives star will walk down the aisle with her partner Kaste Dahl in Italy next summer.

But Virginia has yet to find the wedding gown of her dreams so she will be enlisting the help of her sister Sonia in the US.

"That's why we're going to LA," she said.

"We're going over in March for the month so we'll get a few things over there," Virginia told the Herald.

"I have a few ideas about what I want, but you have to try them on so I'm looking forward to seeing what's out there."

Her sister Sonia is living it up Stateside where she is hoping to get her big acting break and is looking forward to showing her sister and her husband-to-be around Hollywood.

"I'm so excited. They are very familiar with LA now so I have to come up with a list of new things for us to do," she said.

Sonia has just finished filming on her latest film project Kiss the Devil in the Dark, due out next summer.