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Victoria grabs her favourite snack on flying visit home

DRACULA star Victoria Smurfit was back in Ireland for a matter of hours this weekend. But boy did she spend it in style – posing and putting in the grounds of the K Club.

Victoria was modelling for her brother Dermot Smurfit Jnr's London-based company Games Account.

And the crème de la crème of the Irish fashion and styling world were enlisted to help out. Celebrity snapper Barry McCall took the shots, Dylan Bradshaw tossed and tousled her hair to perfection and stylist Catherine Condell picked out the perfect frocks.


It was a whirlwind affair for Victoria (right) who was heading back to LA after posing in the frosty Irish outdoors.

But she managed to grab a few home comforts before heading Stateside – namely some Tayto crisps, one of the actress's guilty pleasures. "Off to get a pack of Tayto crisps," she said after the glamorous shoot. "Bye Ireland."

Victoria currently stars as Lady Jayne in Victorian vampire show Dracula alongside Jonathon Rhys Myers and Katie McGrath.

Victoria has described them as the "unholy trinity of Irish people in the show". And despite loving La-La Land she does miss the grey mist of Ireland.

"I miss the excuse to have a nice glass of wine because it's so disgusting outside that there's nothing else to do," she laughed.