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Van to sue over 'fake' baby claims

Van Morrison has lodged a law suit against a newspaper which linked him with music producer Gigi Lee and her baby -- after the singer had denied the connection.

The singer dismissed reports that he had fathered a child with US-based Gigi Lee -- two days after a statement appeared on his website.

"There is no truth in the suggestion that I have recently become a father," Morrison said last night.

A posting on the singer's website last week claimed to announce the birth of a son to Morrison, called George Ivan Morrison III, on December 28.

The website report was backed up to the Herald and other media by a publicist who has represented Morrison in the past.

Morrison issued a statement through his friend and PR guru John Saunders saying that the report was "completely and utterly without foundation" and that he had been the victim of a hoax by a computer hacker.

He also said that Morrison did not even know the lady in question.

"He's never heard the name at any stage in the past," Mr Saunders confirmed. "He doesn't know who this person is."

Mr Saunders said that he gave a radio interview relating to Van's position on the birth of the child to Gigi Lee as he was a close personal friend of the singer.

It later transpired that the music manager Gigi (42) was last April made a director of 14 of Van Morrison's production companies.

"I did it (the interview) in good faith as a friend, based upon the things that he said to me, and I did it purely and utterly in a personal capacity to help people who I know over the years very well. That's what I did," Mr Saunders said. "I asked him the questions and he gave me the answers.

"I did something in good faith the other day. I took it at face value from people I know, who I believe to be of integrity, who told me certain things and I took them in good faith. That's all I did. Van Morrison's view is people either believe him, or they don't," he added. "And that's his position on it, and after that people can do whatever, and it's not my business."

Gigi Lee's brother Philip has confirmed she had recently given birth, but the father remains unknown.

Van has two children with his partner, Michelle, daughter Aibhe (4) and son Fionn van Patrick (2). He also has a 39-year-old daughter, singer-songwriter Shana Morrison, from his first marriage.