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US wants Brennan bros... but they're too busy

TV HOTELIERS John and Francis Brennan are in demand Stateside - but their commitments here means they have no time to start a US career.

The brothers are stars of huge RTE hit At Your Service.

And while they would love to have their own show in the US, the pair said they are too busy filming their hit programme here, coupled with running their own business in Kenmare.

The pair told the Herald that they have no time to take on further projects even though there has been interest in the pair in the US and Canada.

"There was talk of us doing the show in Canada, but it never happened. It's extremely time consuming to do a series and we've enough on our plate this year, so between everything, the timing is wrong," said John.


"It would be lovely to have a programme in the US ... Francis would be great on telly over there and it is something we'd look at doing at some point - I think it would be interesting. But not at the moment," he revealed.

The brothers have already become a huge hit stateside, after their special four-day St Patrick's Day promotion in the famous Bergdorf Goodman store went down a treat with American shoppers this week.

"We had a concession in Harrods a few years ago around Patrick's Day and we tried in the past to get it in New York, but this was the year it all came together.

"We didn't expect to see it be such a hit, it wasn't thought to be this popular at all."