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Underwood wants dog at wedding

Carrie Underwood has joked she has already recruited the ring bearer for her wedding - her dog Ace.

The former American Idol winner, who is due to marry hockey player Mike Fisher this summer, told Us magazine: "He'll be one of the ring bearers.

"I don't know if I'll give him the actual ring. He would probably run away with it or eat it or something."

The country singer said she'd be lost without the pooch at her nuptuals.

"He's like my kid," the singer said. "It would be like if I was getting married and I had a child - of course my child would be in the wedding!"

Carrie also revealed she had chosen her dress design, though didn't give away too many details.

"[It's] in the works... it's very much in the beginning stages, but it's very me. It's girly and it's pretty and simple and glamorous," she said.

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