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UNA's CLAN MAKE the trip from tipP

Una Foden (32) may have made England her adopted home. But she made sure to get into the St Patrick's Day spirit of things. She decked her adorable daughter Aoife Belle (2) out with green, gold and white ribbons for her hair and a pink T-shirt reading 'Cailín álainn'. The Tipperary native revealed how it was a "double celebration" for her, given that it was Aoife's second birthday and had her family over the festival.

She's married to England and Northampton rugby player Ben Foden, so Ireland's victory was no doubt bitter sweet in their household.

"Over the weekend, we had a proper family reunion," she said.

"My dad, my sister and her boyfriend were all over for the final of the Six Nations and they're all massive rugby fans so they were really happy to see Ireland win.

"We also celebrated an early St Patrick's Day celebration. Back home when I was growing up I always used to take part in the parades and wear fancy dress and then as I got older it was more about going down to the pub." She added in her blog how she and Ben got Aoife a mini-trampoline for her birthday which she loves.