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UK Voice judges are so bitchy -- it's like X Factor -- says rival judge Kian

VOICE Of Ireland star Kian Egan has hit out at "bitchiness" between the judges in the UK version of The Voice.

The Westlife singer believes that his rival judges on the BBC show, Danny O'Donoghue, Jessie J, Tom Jones and will.i.am, are engaging in obvious barbs.

"I watched it last week and it's quite different," he told the Herald.

"It's a bit more like X Factor, I thought, with the big storylines and stuff like that. I also thought the coaches are a bit bitchier towards each other which obviously makes for good TV. They're a bit more at each other."


"I've only watched one episode but I think the early episodes are very exciting as it's the whole blind auditions and the theory behind them. We're at the stage now in Ireland where it's more of the everyday talent show where it's votes coming in from the public

"They're at the exciting stage that we were at when this first started and now everybody's used to it in Ireland. Although I thought it was good, I prefer Britain's Got Talent myself."

Asked about his own Mr Nasty reputation that he has been branded with as a mentor on The Voice Of Ireland, he defended himself, saying he was only speaking his mind.

"I see where it came from and I understand I came across quite bitchy in some of the shows but I think I've kind of managed to turn it into a case where I'm just trying to be honest and give a real opinion," he continued.

"For everybody else, it's a little bit different. They're going, 'Oh it was great, it was great, it was great.' It's not really in my personality to do that so I'm just being myself and as long as I'm being natural, then I'm better off than being someone I'm not.

"My career in Westlife has been so amazing that in a way, it's like I don't have as much to lose."

He added how there was no point in sugar-coating his comments for contestants as it was only doing them a dis-service in the long run. And he reckoned that having his first baby Koa with wife Jodi Albert last December helped him become more forthright.

"When you become a dad for the first time, you go 'Wow, this is really what life is about'.

"So I think, for me, it probably makes me a little bit more honest. I think there's an awful lot of people who come on these shows and they get led down such a garden path and it's so unfair in a way."

There are now just six acts left on The Voice Of Ireland, with the grand finale taking place on Sunday, April 29.