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U2 star tries to stop sale of NY pad

U2 STAR Adam Clayton wants a New York court to stop his former personal assistant from attempting to sell an apartment in the city which she bought for $465,000 (€360,000) in 2007, the High Court heard yesterday.

The move arises out of earlier proceedings here by the musician, in which he obtained an order freezing the assets of Carol Hawkins over allegations she had misappropriated considerable sums of the bassist's money to acquire a number of assets including the apartment.

Ms Hawkins, of Crannagh Road, Dublin 14, was ordered by the High Court in December not to reduce her assets below €1.8m. The order was continued in January until further notice.

The court yesterday heard her main asset was the apartment she bought in 2007 without a mortgage. On March 22, the management company of the apartment complex had an €11,000 charge, or lien, on it over unpaid service charges.

The court heard that as a result of this Mr Clayton was now going to apply in New York for an order freezing the apartment or have the US equivalent of our "lawsuit pending" (lis pendens) notice attached to the property, notifying potential purchasers of a legal dispute.

The December injunction required that if proceedings were to be taken in another jurisdiction, permission of the High Court should be obtained first, the court was told.

John Noonan, counsel for Ms Hawkins, objected and said Ms Hawkins wanted to sell the apartment and the proceeds could then be held by a receiver pending a further court order here. Mr Justice Roderick Murphy gave a two-week adjournment and ordered that papers be exchanged between the sides.

Source: Belfast Telegraph