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Two of Jacko's giraffes dead

Police are investigating the deaths of two giraffes from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and two others may have to be found new homes.

Freddie and Tom Hancock acquired the giraffes from the King of Pop's home in 2008 as part of a plan to build their own wildlife preserve in Page, Arizona.

Those plans unravelled as the Hancocks and the city engaged in a legal battle over terms of the lease agreement for the 175-acre property.

City manager Bo Thomas said the Hancocks never posted a required $100,000 bond, while the Hancocks argued the city failed to act in good faith.

Meanwhile, the animal rights group Peta is calling on authorities to confiscate and relocate the remaining giraffes, fearing they are mistreated. The group also asked police to determine whether the Hancocks violated animal cruelty laws in relation to the deaths of the other giraffes.

A judge has ruled in favour of the city, which is now trying to evict the Hancocks.