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Two Justins? Sorry fans...one's a wax dummy

Justin Bieber has become the latest A-lister to unveil his waxwork double at Madame Tussauds, joking to his fans: "I'm at least six feet taller."

The pop sensation revealed the latest sculpture at a secret event at the waxwork museum in London.

Squaring up to the model, the Canadian star proclaimed: "Look how much taller I am.

"It's awesome, it looks great. It's pretty unbelievable really.

"I'm at least six feet taller than him."

Pretending to box with the model, the singer joked: "What, punk? What?"

The waxwork, dressed in a checked red and black shirt and black jeans and shoes, was the very image of the baby-faced singer as he appeared eight months ago.

The model adopts the famous 'Bieber bob' haircut, which the musician still sported when he was first measured for the sculpture.

But, after turning 17 two weeks ago, the star is now taller and -- to the dismay of fans -- wears a shorter, more textured cut.

He chopped off his signature swoop last month and it was reported that the pop star lost thousands of followers on Twitter.

Bieber appeared in front of a group of 24 screaming fans, who are often referred to as Beliebers.

The pop star asked his mother to come up on stage, saying to her: "It [the sculpture] doesn't have any facial hair."

He gave the wax work a hug, but refused to kiss it in front of photographers.

"I'm just taking him home with me," he told his audience.

The unveiling was broadcast live for the first time in the museum's history on a special website revealed by Bieber on Twitter earlier in the day. Replicas of the teenager were simultaneously unveiled at Tussauds attractions in Amsterdam and New York.