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Twitter helps cycle legend find stolen bike

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong will be reunited with his stolen bike following online appeals on Facebook and Twitter.

The time-trial bike -- worth around $10,000 (E7,900) -- was one of several that went missing last Saturday in Sacramento, where Armstrong's team was competing for the Tour of California.


But it was handed into police four days later by a resident, to the delight of the seven-time Tour de France winner.

The saga of Armstrong's bike has been chronicled through his postings on internet phenomenon Twitter.

Armstrong announced the theft on Sunday, telling Twitterers: "Whoa!! They just came to my room and said our truck was broken into and someone stole my time trial bike!...APB out to the twitterati."

Meanwhile, more than 900 people signed up for the search through the Facebook group 'One Million Citizens Looking for Lance Armstrong's Stolen Bike'.

The group was set up by an official working at California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's communications office.


But the internet-inspired search was called off on Wednesday after the bike was handed over to officers.

Armstrong (37) wrote on his Twitter: "They recovered the bike!

"Don't have details yet but it's apparently on its way here. Thanks to the Sacramento PD [police department] for the help."