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Twink's timely boost as daughter Chloe heads home for 21st

PANTO queen Adele King is to receive a welcome boost later this month when her eldest daughter returns home to Dublin for a visit.

The mum-of-two (59), better known as Twink, has cancelled all work commitments until September as she recuperates from illness at her Knocklyon home, but she has now been rallied by the news that Chloe will be arriving for a brief stay.

Chloe has finished the first leg of her Celtic Woman Songs From The Heart 2010 tour and is enjoying a month off before she takes to the road again.


The talented singer is set to celebrate her 21st birthday next week alongside her nearest and dearest before she takes off on a nationwide tour of Canada and America in July.

"Twink is delighted to have Chloe coming home and it's really given her a boost," said a close pal. It's been a rough couple of months for her and this is exactly what she needs to lift her spirits.

"Her two daughters, Chloe and Naomi, are her whole life and it's difficult for her having Chloe so far away when she's touring with Celtic Woman.

"She's so proud of her for doing so well and never stops talking about both her girls and their achievements.

"Twink has lots of big celebrations planned to mark Chloe's 21st birthday and she's been making plans for the past few weeks," they added.

Chloe is said to have been extremely concerned about her beloved mum's welfare in recent weeks, following a difficult period which saw her battle to hang on to their family home after she was issued with repossession proceedings, which were later dropped.

However just weeks later she was dealt another cruel blow when she had to be hospitalised at Mount Carmel for two weeks due to a severe asthma attack.

In addition to her health problems Adele was left devastated following the sudden death of her close pal, broadcaster Gerry Ryan.

She also hit the headlines due to a much publicised falling out with fellow performer Linda Martin, who admitted to being extremely hurt after overhearing a two-hour rant between Twink and other friends, which she described as a "character assassination."

Twink meanwhile has remained tight lipped about the incident, declining to comment on the matter.