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TV's Davina, 44, happy to grow old gracefully

TV presenter Davina McCall (44) has revealed how becoming a mum forced her to take her skincare regime more seriously.

The former Big Brother presenter used to be laid back about her appearance, before she had her three children with husband Matthew Robertson.

"I had a radical change of attitude towards skincare when I had children, because I aged five years overnight," she said.

"Extreme fatigue will do that to you. I used to have quite a debonair, carefree attitude towards skincare, and then I thought, oh my God, I've go to do something to make myself look better..

"I think taking care of your skin does make you look younger and it's a non-surgery, non-invasive way of keeping yourself looking good."

However, she admits that she has been lucky so far in that she still manages to look glamorous even when she's off-duty.

"The fantastic thing is that I've probably needed glasses for about four years.

"Mother Nature has been kind to me in that, to myself, I look slightly out of focus. So I look in the mirror and think, 'You look hot!'

The face of Garnier Ultralift denied to VIP magazine that she is under pressure to look young and is happy to age gracefully

The popular presenter has put her Big Brother days firmly behind her and is now fronting Sky One's Got to Dance.

Speaking about her latest project, she said she "loves" working on it. "It's proper joy. I experience unadulterated joy working on that programme," she said.

The full version of this interview is in this week's VIP magazine