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TV3's Lucy happy at home with her regular lunch date

IT'S good news for daytime telly fans.

Lucy Kennedy has no plans to hop across the pond to the bright lights of London.

The 37-year-old host says she'll never leave the green, green grass of home – unless Big Brother comes knocking.

"I'm happy and settled in Ireland. My family are here and I love living here," she told The Herald.

"So I wouldn't move to the UK. Not now. Unless they offered me Big Brother – but I don't think that's going to happen."

Lucy made the jump from RTE to TV3 last year and now presents Late Lunch Live with Martin King at 2.30pm every weekday. But she has no plans to move.

She said: "I love it on TV3. I'm delighted to be there. I can honestly say I'm so glad I moved here.

"Myself and Martin feel very protective of the show. It's new and different and it's our baby.

"It's only 14 weeks so we're playing around with the format and tweaking things but we've had great guests and a really strong start."

A whole host of celebrity chefs have passed through the Late Lunch Live studio kitchen. Neven Maguire, Donal Skehan and Clodagh McKenna have all rustled up tasty treats.

And Lucy says she's now a dab hand in the kitchen.


She said: "That's one of the best things about working on the show. I have become a much, much better cook."

But the mum-of-two has been watching her weight since the start of January.

She said: "I put on six pounds over the holidays. I think like everyone else I just loaded up on food and chocolate and sweets and now I'm paying for it."