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TV3 bigwigs have nothing to fear from book says Lorraine

Lorraine Keane has revealed TV3 have "no reason to be paranoid" about her upcoming tell-all book.

She told the Herald she is completely happy with Working The Red Carpet and hasn't changed a word since handing it over to her publishers.

"I told my publishers I was just going to write it all down and say it as it comes into my mind because I write the way I speak. As a result I ended up giving them far too many pages because I have a natural ability to make a short story long so I just put it all there and they didn't change anything, which is great.

"I'm very excited. I just kind of want it to happen now," she said.

Lorraine admitted she is surprised by the negative reaction the book has attracted, most notably from TV3's Head of Programming Ben Frow.

"Nobody has even seen it so that's the funny part. There is a lot of speculation. I just think that if somebody wants to make a comment about me or the book, then they should know me and have read the book, because nobody has seen a page of the book apart from my husband and obviously it's been sent to my publisher.

"Anybody who knows me has no reason to be paranoid," she added.

Lorraine insisted she is still on good terms with her former Xpose colleagues. The group will be among the guests at Xpose producer Debbie O'Donnell's wedding at Lake Como next weekend.

The brunette fashionista said she could be tempted to go blonde in the future and even dyes her own hair.

"I believe blondes have more fun so watch this space," she said.