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TV showdown's off menu for Rosanna

IT was meant to be knives at dawn between the southside princess versus the no-nonsense northsider. But if producers of the new Celebrity Come Dine With Me were hoping for a juicy showdown between Rosanna Davison and Geraldine O'Callaghan, then it definitely wasn't on the menu.

The Diary can reveal how the two unlikely pals actually got on like a house on fire and, despite their different backgrounds, ended up hitting it off

"Producers are really keen to create some tension on the new series of the programmes, given what happened last time with Brian Kennedy and Paul Martin," said an insider. "They were hoping that Rosanna and Geraldine wouldn't get on as they seem like such different girls. But the fact is they actually enjoyed each other's company during the week. Dublin's a very small place, socially, and they would have met a few times before and there was never any tension there." Also on the same instalment of the reality dining show are model boss Celia Holman Lee, comedian Joe Rooney and celebrity photographer Brian McEvoy, who filled in for Liam McKenna after he was struck down with pneumonia. Viewers are also set to see another episode which was filmed with Pippa O'Connor, Holly Sweeney, Michael O'Doherty, Shane Byrne and Madeline Mulqueen.