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TV move has made me 'cool', boasts Pat

RTE star Pat Kenny has said that his gamble to quit the Late Late Show in favour of The Frontline has paid off -- with the show even managing to ignite his two young daughters' interest in politics.

The Montrose veteran told the Herald that he was extremely proud of the current affairs show and that he has finally managed to put some life into the subject for young people.

"I'm just so happy that young people are getting involved and providing us with some lively debate on the programme," he said.

"It seems to have provoked a genuine interest in current affairs among the younger generation and that's an achievement in itself.

"Even my daughters enjoy it," he laughed.

After stepping down from his role as Late Late Show host last May, Kenny revealed that it had taken quitting the programme for his daughters to finally admit that what he did was "cool".


He said at the time that their comments would spur him on to achieve even bigger and better things with his new current affairs series and do his family proud.

Kenny said that he was really enjoying having a change in direction once more after working for 21 years in showbiz -- 10 years on the Late Late Show and another 11 years before that on Kenny Live.

"Every 10 years I've had a change in direction and I just thought I'd like to do something new while I'm vigorous and enthusiastic enough to actually build something new."

Since it began last year the Frontline has hit the headlines on numerous occasions, most notably when a man from the studio audience berated Kenny on live television.

The broadcaster also caused a stir when he clashed with union boss Jack O'Connor who described Kenny's Dalkey home as a "trophy house".