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TV host's recovery is a sight for sore eyes

TELEVISION host Michael Hayes was rejoicing this week following the news that the vision in his left eye has been saved -- after he was clawed by his own pet pooch.

The former How Low Can You Go star explained how he had to endure a six-hour wait to be seen in an eye and ear clinic last weekend after his dog Mani Tom playfully stuck a paw in his eye.

Ironically, the presenter co-hosts TV3's animal series, Animal A&E, and says he is looking forward to getting back to normality, following the intense pain he suffered due to severe corneal abrasion.

"It's a pretty embarrassing story," he explained. "I had actually just come home from enjoying a romantic dinner with my girlfriend Ailbhe, and I was playing with my dog Mani Tom when he got me in the eye.

"I've had broken bones and all sorts of things in the past but nothing compares to the pain of this. It was particularly bad," he added.

"Thankfully I've been given the all-clear now. I'm still a bit fuzzy now but they said it would slowly get back to the way it was over the next few weeks."

Michael, who enjoyed a brief stint on Fair City last year, says that he and his former RTE co-stars Baz Ashmawy and Mark O'Neill are now working on ideas for a TV series together.

According to Michael: "We'd love to do something together again. It hasn't been possible over the past year as Mark's been away in Australia but now that he's home again we're definitely hoping to team up.

"I've been watching Baz's show, Baz's Extreme Worlds, and I think he's done a fantastic job."

He added: "He really has thrown himself into these really difficult situations and you can see that on the show."