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TV host Laura signs up to super 'skinny bitch' gym classes

LAURA Whitmore has kickstarted her healthy January regime in style and is the latest celeb to sign up to super gym SBC aka the 'Skinny Bitch Collective'.

The elite exercise squad puts lithe models and socialites through their paces so they can squeeze into super skinny jeans and barely-there mini-skirts when they attend red carpet dos.

So no wonder Laura is a fan.

The MTV host attended the class in London with her friend and former 'Made in Chelsea' star Camilla Mackintosh and model Zara Martin.

The three girls did a series of gruelling exercises. "I survived my first session!" Laura said after the high-intensity class.

The SBC is the latest fitness fad and is a hit with celebs; model Daisy Lowe swears by the classes and alabaster beauty Susan Loughnane is also a disciple.

Former Love/Hate star Susan says taking the classes is helping her get 'the shelf booty' of her dreams.

"Yay, my bum hurts," she wrote on Twitter after a particularly exerting class. Bless.

"We have gained a reputation for training the new wave of British fashion," the SBC website states.

"Girls training with the SBC are gracing campaigns for Burberry, Chanel and shooting for Vogue."

Founded by personal trainer Russell Bateman, the classes also involve cantering down a 100 metre central 'catwalk' with 5kg weights over your head.

According to that fitness bible Men's Health; SBC training ain't easy.

"Women are training with the intensity that would floor MMA fighters," they said.

"Last time I did good crawling my mam was sayin 'ah isn't she the best little girl in Ireland'. Don't quite get that at the Skinny Bitch Collective," Susan said after a class.